You have the skills, the energy and the will. We have a growing region with interesting jobs and exciting companies that want to develop together with you and other talents. Come here and we make Skaraborg even Better Together!

Give your career a shot
Skaraborg is about to become Sweden'S fourth largest labour market region with a differentiated business and many companies that are leaders in their industries. They are always on the lookout for talented, experienced and competent people for different positions at different levels.

There are exciting activities in IT, automotive, interior design and other industries, logistics and transport, food and agriculture, and construction and construction and more. Skaraborg also has a strong public sector with career opportunities in health care, care, education and research.

Give yourself the chance to be part of a context where you can influence your work and career in a positive way!

Sharpen your skills or find a new track
In Skaraborg you have every chance to realize your dreams. Get better at what you're already good at or find a new track where your talents can come to their own. There are training courses at all levels that will take you further in life and career.

We are particularly advanced in education in the areas where we have strong activities, which means that the link between study and work is always clear. At the University of Skövde and SLU in Skara, education and research is conducted with cutting-edge quality. We also have several upper secondary school programs related to the industry and are active in commissioned education.

Welcome to sharpen your skills in Skaraborg!

Travel for business or pleasure

Take the train to Stockholm or Gothenburg for a meeting over the day or take the car out to the hiking trail or tracks in 15 minutes. In Skaraborg It is always close to both business and pleasure.

We are centrally located between Stockholm and Gothenburg and close to both Oslo and Malmö/Copenhagen regions. The large iron and car routes go through the region and there are several airports within close distance, one of the larger ones is Landvetter, which will take you to the whole world.

You also have short distances in everyday life, so you do not have long commute trips and have more time and effort for both work and leisure time. We think that it raises the quality of both the job you are going to do and the life you are going to live!

Active, creative and simple life

Skaraborg is perfect for those who like to have an active lifestyle after work, whether it is about working out, experience art and culture, live restaurant life or maybe realize your house and garden dreams.

The Cultural life here is strong with plenty of art galleries, theatres, museums and training courses at various levels in the arts and culture sector. There are also all the opportunities to both see sport and be a practitioner, either on their own in swimming pools, gyms and ski and running tracks, etc. or in an association.

Although Skaraborg is a rapidly growing region, the availability of accommodation is still relatively good, and prices are comparatively low compared to other regions in Europe. The Proximity and the simple communications allow you to choose the place to stay first, and then easily travel to and from work or study, instead of the opposite!


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