For those of you who invest in Skaraborg, we want it to be easy and seamless to establish yourself here or expand your existing business. We help those who want to know more about the local/regional market, create different types of comparisons and make sure that you get the necessary contacts, at local and national level.

Of course, we work with full privacy for your safety!

Our services cover the entire investment process – to ensure long-term investments with sustainable economic growth.

  • We provide comprehensive information about business opportunities in Skaraborg, important business sectors, etc.
  • We help to identify investment opportunities in Skaraborg that match your interests.
  • Support and comparisons to help you make a balanced decision among the available opportunities.
  • We help you with the practical issues to carry out your investment in Skaraborg, such as introductions to relevant contacts with authorities and service providers.
  • We have a good network to support with service functions in law, compliance, recruitment and venture capital/investors.
  • Tailored information and practical advice on what the most appropriate process can look like when setting up a company in Skaraborg.
  • Active support in Request for Information (RFI) or Site Selection work.


For ease, we have chosen to collect a number of different guides specifically designed for foreign investors. The guides contain detailed information about what to consider when starting a company in Sweden, buying an existing one and operating the company.

Please contact us if you would like further information or have questions about the material!


Start a business in Sweden - short introduction
Starting a business in Sweden is smooth, procedures are simple and effective through a transparent system aimed at facilitating entrepreneurship.

Start a private limited company
A limited liability company is the form of company that foreign companies most often use when setting up their operations in Sweden. Investors can buy a limited liability company off the shelf or form the company themselves.

Start a branch
A foreign company can start a business in Sweden without opening a subsidiary by setting up a branch. This is legally part of the foreign-based company and has no individual share capital.

Start a franchise
Sweden offers many opportunities for international franchisors. Franchising is a well-known and established business model, especially in retail.

Mergers and acquisitions of companies
Attractive business opportunities, high transparency and uncomplicated legal and precedent swherefor Sweden's attractiveness for companies looking for business opportunities.


Running a business in Sweden - short introduction
Skilled workers, simple structures and a large presence of international ownership make Sweden an easy country to run a business – something that many international companies testify to.

Corporate taxes in Sweden
Sweden's tax structure is transparent and efficient. Companies can benefit from favourable tax rules, favourable structures for holding companies and tax breaks for foreign skills.

Commercial leases and rentals
Swedish commercial leases are often standardized and agreed to relatively short periods, which gives tenants a high degree of flexibility.

Buying and building commercial and industrial properties in Sweden
Swedish property law protects all interests – investors, creditors, tenants and the public. It provides a good balance between security, reliability, transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Average costs of fixed costs and services
Sweden offers a relatively low cost linked to entrepreneurship, including a competitive wage situation for highly qualified staff.

Hiring staff - contracts and conditions
A wide range of forms of employment, including probationary opportunities, offer flexibility for employers. Clear and transparent rules in areas such as dismissal also provide great security.

Social security and pension
Sweden offers a safety net of public livelihoods, through pensions, health care, parental allowance and employment-related insurance.

Tax relief for key foreign competences
Sweden has a tax relief system to help companies attract high skills to companies. Through this, specialists can get a tax credit on the employer's contribution.

Work and residence permit
Foreign companies can move staff from other countries or recruit from another country. This is done in different ways, but above all through R&D.