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Skaraborg is one of Sweden's most expansive and successful regions in the field of gaming and computer game development. Here is a unique mix of entrepreneurs, researchers, talents and business developers on a concentrated surface!

Approximately 800 people are active in the computer game industry in the area around the University of Skövde and the innovation environment Science Park Skövde. The University of Skövde has northern Europe's largest and Sweden's widest and most pointed range of computer game training. Many talents are created here!

There are seven training programmes at undergraduate and second cycle level. The university also has an internationally recognised research with around 30 doctoral degrees, professors and assistant professors in the field of gambling.

We'll do it together!
The Common platform Sweden Game Arena is a collaboration between society, academia and industry that makes it easier for companies to establish themselves and grow here. The Arena is alone in Sweden and largest in northern Europe.



Students in academic education

Researchers and lecturers

Game development software


Games released

Studios founded

New companies are founded on average each year

  • One in ten have ever played a game developed in Sweden.
  • One in five employees in the gaming industry in Sweden is a woman.
  •  Swedish game developers' turnover grew to SEK 19.2 billion in 2018, an increase of 42%. That's a tripling in five years, and the biggest percentage increase since 2014.
  •  One in five posts at a gaming company in the country, 1,036 are held by a woman. In total, Swedish gaming companies employ 1,699 women in their companies, giving a share of just over 21%.
  •  The majority of companies make a profit and the industry reported a positive result for the tenth year in a row.
  •  Swedish gaming companies are growing, and a total of 7,924 swedish companies are hiring developers, of which 5,320 work on site in Sweden.
  •  The difficulty in recruiting staff in Sweden has meant that the large increase in employees has occurred through the acquisition of foreign development offices. In Sweden, the number of employees increased by 650 persons, an increase of 14%.
  •  41 new companies have been added, resulting in 384 active companies, an increase of 12 percent.
  •  In 2018, 38 investments and acquisitions with a total value of just under SEK 4 billion were reported. In 28 of these, a Swedish company was a buyer.
  •  From January to September 2019, 29 investments and acquisitions with an approximate value of SEK 2.4 billion were reported.

Below are some examples of successful gaming companies from Skövde:



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