–The region's most sustainable logistics location

Logistics that save money, time and the environment
Skaraborg and the Gothenburg region are the best place in Scandinavia and northern Europe for efficient sustainable logistics solutions. The Foundation is the geographical location, but more importantly is the concentrated competence, surface and capacity we can offer through the Skaraborg Logistic Center (SLC). Modern, fast, cost-effective and sustainable transport by road and rail means that companies in our region save money, time and the environment – and can thus continue to grow!

Save money! Competitive cost situation for land and transport.

Save time! Fast connection with the port of Gothenburg and the continent.

Save the environment!  Sustainable transport, renewable fuels and district heating.

Your link to the world 
Skaraborg Logistic Center is the effective sustainable link between the business community in Skaraborg and the rest of the world. Here is the Gothenburg region's best logistics hub with connection to the western and southern Main Line and direct connection to the port of Gothenburg.

SLC is a unique collaboration between private and public actors, with continuous strong investments for continued expansion. The base is a strong cluster around logistics and transport, based on solid industrial expertise, focus on modern logistics solutions and long railway history.

In the coming years, there will be major investments in rail infrastructure.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has approved the construction of a new handover railway yard, which means that a grant of 50 percent of the cost is secured. The new rail yard will create the necessary conditions for a future expansion in terms of transhipment between train and truck. The construction means that SLC and its terminals will be able to handle more and longer trains than today. The railway yard is being built to handle 750 m long trains and is expected to be operational by 2023.

The new handover rail yard is expected to secure jobs through increased competitiveness, but also contribute to better access to efficient and climate-friendly transport in the region. The climate benefit linked to the investment is estimated to be a reduction of 14 million kilos of carbon dioxide per year.

In addition to the construction of the new handover yard, there is a state investment to enable the rail yard's connection to the state-owned bypass track. In addition to being able to handle more and longer trains, the connection also enables the direct arrival and departure of freight trains in Skövde and northwards. The cost of this part is estimated at 45 million. The implementation and financing is governed by an agreement between Falköping municipality and the Swedish Transport Administration.


Yes, I am interested in finding out more about the advantages and opportunities that Skaraborg has to offer as a region of establishment.



Semper's establishment of logistics centres in Götene, Skaraborg.


AC Floby

"We have got a much better and more efficient management of our freight management"

Back in 2013, we took an environmental decision to transfer as much goods as possible from road to rail. There, SLC has been an important partner with its efficient infrastructure, geographical location and that they also serve as an extended arm to the port of Gothenburg.

Jayasam K
CEO Jula Logistic AB

"Since 2019 Samskip has been a customer of the intermodal terminal."

The flexibility of the SLC Terminal is very important for Samskip . Short lines and quick decisions is one of the keys for our Railbusiness. And the Skaraborg industry is positive to Intermodal solutions. Samskip is able to offer Intermodal solutions from this part of Sweden to Germany – Benelux – Italy – Turkey – Switzerland, Portugal and Ireland. And we see support from Skaraborg municipality, which is very important for joint future development.

Henk van Dieren
Samskip Multimodal B.V – Netherland

AC Floby sees SLC as an important partner for our strategic flows of materials from suppliers and to our customers. The logistics of intermodal transport as a whole are becoming increasingly important, not least in terms of environmental impact. Together with SLC as a partner, AC Floby can offer customers a complete solution with minimal environmental impact.

Morgan Svensson
Automotive Components Floby AB, Purchasing Director

SLC is a fantastic example of how reduced environmental impact can go hand in hand with greater efficiency for business. For example, the daily commute to the Port of Gothenburg has reduced CO2 emissions by 80 percent, while the availability, precision and flexibility of logistics solutions have increased significantly. In addition, by reducing truck traffic, both the safety and comfort of all road users on the E20 through West Sweden increase.

Joakim Eriksson
Schenker AB, Vertical Market Manager, Consumer &Amp; Retail KAM &Amp; Sales Sweden

Skaraborg is one of the best places in Sweden from a logistics perspective. The Basis is of course the geographical location, but at least as important is the competence and the services that we can offer through Skaraborg Logistic Center. Modern, fast, cost-effective and environmentally sensible transport by road and rail means that companies in Skaraborg can continue to grow, and get new ones to establish themselves in the region.

Mike Bigsten
Former Project Manager Skaraborg Logistic Center


  1. Combi terminal – TBN Sweden AB
  2. Lumber terminal – Stora Enso/Sydved
  3. Lumber terminal – Stora Enso/Sydved
  4. Dryport Skaraborg – Jula Logistics AB
  5. Woodchip terminal – Carlsson & Persson SkogstjänstAB
  6. Inventory and crossdocking – TBN Sweden AB
  7. Expansion Area Terminal – Jula logistics AB
  8. Logistics Park/Area of establishment – Jula logistics AB
  9. Heating plants – Falbygdens Energi AB
  10. Stock – Arla/Fal Cheese AB
  11. Workshop center for railway vehicles – BSJG/BS Verstäder
  12. Centralized logistics management - PostNord

Area Map
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  • 6 terminals of which 5 are tracked
  • The terminals are electrified and connected to a signal-controlled handover yard with a capacity of 630 meters long trains
  • At present there are about 6 km of tracks in the area
  • Traffic of 20-30 trains per week
  • Handled tonnage of about 1,000,000 tons/year
  • Container flow of >40,000 TEU/year
  • Lowers emissions of CO2by more than 30 000 tonnes/year
  • Many efficient and sustainable transport solutions, including daily commuting to the port of Gothenburg and daily train connections to the continent
  • Efficient transhipment
  • Modern and custom-made bearing solutions, hot and cold
  • Third-party logistics
  • Centre for maintenance, service and reconstructions of railway vehicles in the Nordic countries
  • Plenty of establishment areas in direct connection to the terminals

Jula invests in sustainable logistics
The individual company that has invested most heavily in SLC is Jula Logistics. The goal is to continue to develop Sweden's most attractive, efficient and sustainable logistics area together with falköping municipality. The company has purchased Dryport Skaraborg and 250,000 square meters of adjacent establishment areas. The terminal is electrified, remotely controlled and signal controlled. It is equipped with four train tracks and has 45,000 square meters of storage and handling area. The initiative creates opportunities for continued streamlining and development of sustainable logistics solutions.

Current investments in infrastructure
• Establish a further handover yard that ensures the necessary train capacity in connection with planned expansion.
• Ensure further future expansion via more DETALJPLANELAGD land for extended Logistics park.


Project manager:
Ida Elf
Municipality of Falköping
521 81 falköping
Phone: +46 515 88 51 14
Infrastructure Manager:
Tomas Berg
Municipality of Falköping
521 81 falköping
Phone: +46 515 88 60 60


National – Skaraborg Logistic Center:
Ida Elf
Municipality of Falköping
521 81 falköping
Phone: +46 515 88 51 14

International – Business Region Skaraborg:
Peter Yström
Kaplansgatan 16A
541 22 Skövde
Phone: +46 790 66 53 13


Railway description for the bridge Gärdet/Marjarp
Road safety Instruction (TRI) for sidetracks
Track plan

Contact wire

Contact persons and contact routes
Special instruction


For questions related to the respective terminal – contact the specified contact person

1. Dryport Skaraborg Marjarp – Jula Logistics AB
Jayasam K
Jula Logistics AB
Box 363
532 24 Skara
Phone: +46 511 34 20 620
Mobile: +46 70 237 83 83

2. Flisterminal Marjarp – Carlsson &Persson Skogstjänst AB
Henric Carlsson
Carlsson &Persson Skogstjänst AB
Industrigatan 25
521 70 Åsarp
Phone: +46 70 523 42 99

3. Kombiterminal Brogärdet – TBN Sweden AB
Bengt Thorstensson
Terminalgatan 4
521 36 Falköping
Phone: +46 515 69 37 71
Mobile: + 46 734 23 39 85

4. Warehouse and cross docking terminal Brogärdet – TBN Sweden AB
Bengt Thorstensson
Terminalgatan 4
521 36 Falköping
Phone: +46 515 69 37 71
Mobile: + 46 734 23 39 85

5. Marjarp Timber Terminal - Stora Enso/Sydved
Jayaraj P
Trätåg AB c/O large Enso Skog
791 80 Falun
Phone: +46 70 295 64 66

6. Timber Terminal Marjarp – Southern Forest Owners
Michael Frick
Södra Skogsägarna Economic Association
Commodity market
351 89 Växjö, Sweden
Phone: +46 470 857 70
Mobile: +46 72 209 66 10